AcquCAM Pro/U

AcquCAM Pro/U

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AcquCAM Pro/U offers perfect resolution of the images as a professional microscope digital camera. This is CCD that provides more sophisticated image than CMOS, and offers 1.3 mega pixel high-definition images. With convenience of use and fast transfer rate of 400Mbps, high quality images can be observed at rate of 15 frames per second.

  • 1.3 Mega pixel CCD camera
  • Color, Progressive scan
  • Lower fixed Pattern Noise
  • Auto white balance support
  • RGB Bayer video output
  • Preview software provided (JNOPTIC Capture)
  • Software compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 operating systems

Minimum noise of  wide use CCD Camera


Black balance and Auto Level of ARM on variety images

AcquCAM Pro U_17


Minimum noise even long-time exposure

AcquCAM Pro U_16



Spec Description
Size 1/2 inch
Resolution H: 1280, V: 960
Pixel size H: 4.65 µm, V: 4.65 µm
Video formats & Frame rate 1280×960 UYVY @ 7.5, 3.75 fps
1280×960 BY8 @ 15, 7.5, 3.75 fps
Sensitivity 0.15 lx
Exposure time 1/10000 to 30 s
Lens mount C/Cs mount
Interface USB 2.0
Power supply 4.5 to 5.5 VDC
Dimensions H: 50.6 mm, W: 50.6 mm, L: 56 mm
Mass 265 g