Incubation System For Microscope

Live cell imaging을 위한 TOKAI HIT

Microscope Stage Top Incubator System

Microscope Time-Lapse Imaging을 위한 온도, 습도, CO₂조절시스템

Incubator For Olympus IX
  • Can be installed on general flat-top manual/motorized stage with 160 x 110 mm aperture.
  • Optional Stage Adapter MK-IX3 (for IX3-SSU, IX3-SVR) and MK-SIG (for BX3-SSU, IX2-SFR/SVL2) are available.
  • Vessel holders are included in the package (except a holder for 35mm dish x 2pc).
  • Temp. Controller with built-in digital gas mixer for 100%CO2 gas use.
  • CO2 concentration: 5.0 – 20.0%

 Support vessel / Dish Attachment

  • Well:ATX-A
  • 35mm:ATX-D
  • 35mm×2:ATX-D35-2 (optional)
  • 50mm:ATX-D
  • 60mm:ATX-D
  • Chamber slide :ATX-CSG
  • Chambered cover glass :ATX-CGC
  • Slide glass :ATX-CSG

Support Micrscope brand / Stage (required Adapter)

  • OLYMPUS motorized: IX3-SSU[MK-IX3 (optional)]
  • OLYMPUS motorized: BX3-SSU[MK-SIG (optional)]
  • OLYMPUS manual: IX3-SVR[MK-IX3 (optional)]
  • OLYMPUS manual: IX3-SVL[MK-IX3 (optional)]
  • OLYMPUS manual: GX-SVR[MK-SIG (optional)]
  • OLYMPUS manual: GX-SFR[MK-SIG (optional)]
  • OLYMPUS manual: IX2-SFR/SVR[MK-SIG (optional)]
현미경 스테이지(Chamber) 까지 100% CO₂를 안정적으로 공급 가능합니다.
70시간동안의 변화과정 Image
Stage Top Incubator Culture Results
균일한 온도 조절이 가능합니다.
제품 선택의 구성도
다양한 선택 옵션
All-In-One Package STXG-WSKMX-set
  • Olympus IX83, Nikon Ti, Zeiss AxioObsever, Leica DMI4000B sut up


Hela DIC 3days 9panel montage
Courtesy of Dr. Simon Watkins, University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology
Hela DIC 3days
By courtesy of Dr. Simon Watkins, University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology
A single Smoothened molecule explores the primary cilium in a live mouse embryonic fibroblast cell
Courtesy of Moerner Lab, Stanford University
Human Bone Cancer Cells
Courtesy of Lauren Piedmont Alvarenga of the Nikon Imaging Center @ Harvard Medical School

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