Retiga Electro : Designed for Electrophysiology

Retiga Electro : Designed for Electrophysiology

​● CCD Array: 1360 x 1024 pixels (6.45um x 6.45um)

​● Sensor Dimension : 8.8 mm x 6.6mm (11mm)

​​● Frame Rate: 22 fps (Full resolution), 31 fps (binning 2×2)

● 1.4MP 75% QE 효율 CCD Camera로 Extreme Low Light Imaging에 적합

● USB 3.0:50MHz high frame rate를 적용하여 이미지의 끊김 없이 포커스 조절이 가능하며, 빠르게 원하는 샘플을 찾을 수 있음

● DPC(Defective Pixel Correction)을 적용하여 열화 된 픽셀을 보정하고, 선명한 영상 구현


Advanced Technical Features

The advanced technical features of the Retiga ELECTRO were designed to empower electrophysiologists to image without exogenous noise that pollute recordings. This is accomplished by coupling regulated fanless cooling and external grounding with FPGA-based intelligent features to correct defective pixels.

High Sensitivity

The Retiga ELECTRO features 75% peak quantum efficiency (QE) and maintains a high QE across commonly used wavelengths in electrophysiology imaging. This is combined with low noise electronics to reveal weakest fluorescence signals. The Retiga ELECTRO also has an exceptionally low dark current so long stare applications will not suffer in
image quality.

Simple Installation

The Retiga ELECTRO delivers data over the simple, versatile and high-speed USB 3.0 interface. This standard, accepted interface is present on most modern computers, simplifying connectivity. The Retiga ELECTRO is also supported on the latest Windows operating systems ensuring modern system compatibility.

Retiga ELECTRO Camera Datasheet

Retiga ELECTRO Camera Manual