Qimaging Retiga R6 CCD Camera

​● CCD Array: 2688 x 2200 pixels (4.54um x 4.54um)

​● Sensor Dimension : 12.5 mmx 10mm (16mm)

​​● Frame Rate: 7.1 fps (Full resolution), 12.8 fps (binning 2×2)

● 75% QE 효율 CCD Camera로 Extreme Low Light Imaging에 적합

● USB 3.0:50MHz high frame rate를 적용하여 이미지의 끊김 없이 포커스 조절이 가능하며, 빠르게 원하는 샘플을 찾을 수 있음

● Real-time FPGA의 알고리즘을 적용하여 깨끗한 영상 구현


■ Live cell Imaging and Fixed cell detecton

​■ Time Lapse Imaging 

■ Tile-and Stitch Microscopy

■ Stereo Microscopy

Large Field Of View

The Retiga R6 delivers a large, 16 mm diagonal field of view designed to increase throughput and maximize the amount of data captured in a single frame. Image larger samples or increase throughput by imaging multiple cells at once by taking advantage of a larger field of view.

High Resolution

The Retiga R6 features 6 million, 4.54 µm pixels to maximize the resolving power of your system. The small pixels provide highly detailed images across the imaging plane, which allows for the highest resolution when using lower magnification objectives.

Simple Installation

The Retiga R6 delivers data over the simple, versatile and high-speed USB 3.0 interface. This standard, accepted interface is present on most modern computers, simplifying connectivity. The Retiga R6 is also supported on the latest Windows operating systems ensuring modern system compatibility.

Retiga R6 Camera Datasheet

Retiga R6 Camera Manual