Photometrics Prime 95B

​● Backside Illuminated를 적용한 최초의 Scientific sCMOS

​​● 95% Quantum Efficiency

​ ● EMCCD와 동급 이상의 성능

 -65℃의 극저온 냉각이 필요 없어, 대기시간 없이 사용 가능

– EM gain 을 사용하지 않고도 4배 높은 SNR

– EM보다 2X 넓은 영역 촬영 가능

-82 Frame per sec (@1200 x 1200 full frame)

● PrimeEnhance™ quantitatively increases the Signal to Noise Ratio by 3X-5X, increasing the clarity and quality of images.

● PrimeLocate™ dynamically evaluates acquired images and reduces the surplus of data generated during high speed super-resolution imaging.


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Sensor TechnologysCMOS
Quantum Efficiency95%
Pixel Size11um X 11um
Supported InterfacesPCIe and USB3.0
Spectrum CapabilitiesUV(200-400nm), Visible(400-700nm), Near Infrared(700-1000nm)
Read Noise(median)1.6 e-
Sensor Area13.2mm X 13.2mm
Frame Rate41fps @ 16bit / 82fps @12bit
Prime 95B1.44M pixels (1200×1200)
Running a Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera in Olympus CellSens Software


The Prime 95B back-illuminated sCMOS camera achieves a near-perfect 95% quantum efficiency.
By bringing the light in from the back of the sensor, photons land directly onto the light receiving surface, maximizing light collecting capability. Combining this with large, 11 µm pixels results in a camera technology as sensitive as EMCCD with greater stability, faster speeds and no gain aging.

Advanced Features

The Prime 95B offers two data reduction technologies; PrimeLocate and Multi-ROI.
PrimeLocate can also be extended to offer Live Particle Tracking on the camera, giving early insight into the kinetics of moving molecules for single molecule tracking applications.
PrimeEnhance active denoising provides a real-time quantitative increase in signal to noise ratio by reducing the effects of photon shot noise at low light levels.
Live Particle Tracking in Ocular / Live particle tracking from Photometrics with live statistics. Use live particle tracking to acquire better data – determine whether molecules are behaving as expected before time-consuming data acquisition.

Advanced Triggering

Sequenced Multiple Acquisition Real Time (SMART) Streaming enables the Prime 95B to capture a continuous sequence of images while cycling through 16 pre-programmed exposure time values, delivering the fastest multi-channel acquisition times.
The Prime 95B also supports up to four expose-out signals and has the capability for an effective global shutter.

Prime 95B Camera Datasheet

Prime 95B 22mm Camera Datasheet

Prime 95B 25mm Camera Datasheet

Prime 95B Camera Manual

Prime 95B Camera Manual