Quickly Analyze Thick, Large Sample Materials

Designed for use in the steel, automotive, electronics, and other manufacturing industries, the GX53 microscope delivers crisp images that can be difficult to capture using conventional microscopy observation methods. When combined with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software, the microscope streamlines the inspection process from observation to image analysis and reporting.



Fast Inspections, Advanced Functionality

Quickly observe, measure, and analyze metallurgical structures.

Advanced Analysis Tools

1. Combined observation methods produce exceptional images

2. Easily create panoramic images

3. Create all-in-focus images

4. Capture both bright and dark areas



Optimized for Material Science

1. Software designed for materials science

2. Metallurgical analysis that complies with industrial standards



Even novice operators can comfortably make observations, analyze results, and create reports.

1. Easily restore microscope settings

2. User guidance helps simplify advanced analysis

3. Efficient report generation


Advanced Imaging Technology

Our proven optics and imaging technology deliver clear images and reliable results.

1. Reliable optical performance: wavefront aberration control

2. Clear images: image shading correction

3. Consistent color temperature: high-intensity white LED illumination

4. Precise measurements: auto calibration



Choose the components you need for your application.

1. Build your system your way: fully customizable system with a variety of optional components