JNOPTIC Filter 89400

ET – DAPI/FITC/TRITC/Cy5 Quad with Single Band Exciters

A version of the 89000 Quad set with a quad band emisison filter and four individual excitation filters for use in an external filter housing such as a filter wheel, similar to Chroma’s original Pinkel filter set. Allows for selective excitation of individual fluors in sample containing multiple fluors. Appropriate for live viewing or image acquisition with monochrome or color cameras.

89400 Spectrum

Filters Type
AT350/50x EX
ET402/15x EX
ET490/20x EX
ET555/25x EX
ET645/30x EX
89100bs BS
89101m EM


89400 Spec

NOTE: These require the use of filter wheels or sliders, or image-splitting devices to hold multiple individual filters.