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Filter set for Cy5/AlexaFluor 647/Draq5

EX(nm) EM(nm)
649 670


Spectrum Comparison Fluor and JNO-R2(B)


Cy5 VS JNO-R2(B)
Cy5 VS JNO-R2(B)


JNO-R2(B) Spectrum


JNO-R2(B) Spectrum
Filters Type
 AT620/50x EX
AT690/50m EM

JNO-R2(B) Spec


  • Typical Application(s) : Widefield Microscopy
  • Coating : Sputter/Hard Coated
  • Round excitation and emission filters mounted in anodized aluminum rings 2.3mm thick, up to 25mm in diameter
  • Rectangular dichroics up to 26x38mm, 1mm thick, to fit standard microscope manufacturer filter cubes


Best with these fluorochromes


  • Alexa Fluor 647™
  • Atto 647N
  • Cy5™
  • DiD
  • Draq5
  • DyLight 649
  • MitoTracker Deep Red 633/MeOH
  • Nile Blue
  • Quasar® 670
  • SYTO® 60
  • TO-PRO™-3