Laser Sets


Recommended Filter set for Laser Lighting source


Compare filter sets by selecting the recommended set listed for widefield sets.

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Filter sets for Laser Lighting source



49901– ET – 405nm Laser Bandpass Set for EBFP2, TagBFP, Pacific Blue

49901 Spectrum



49902– ET – 440nm Laser Bandpass Set for ECFP, Cerulean

49902 Spectrum



49903– ET – 440nm Laser Bandpass Set for TFP (Teal FP)

49903 Spectrum



49904-ET-488nm Laser Bandpass Set for EGFP, AlexaFluor488, FITC, Fluo3

49904 Spectrum



49905– ET – 514nm Laser Bandpass Set for EYFP, Venus, Citrine, Fluo3

49905 Spectrum



49908– ET – 532nm Laser Bandpass Set for TIRF applications, TagRFP, tdTomato, TRITC, Cy3, AlexaFluor 546

49908 Spectrum



49909– ET – 561nm Laser Bandpass Set for TagRFP, tdTomato, AlexaFluor 546, TRITC

49909 Spectrum



49911-ET- 594nm Laser Bandpass Set for mCherry, mKate2, AlexaFluor 594, Texas Red

49911 Spectrum



49913– ET – 633-640nm Laser Longpass Set for AlexaFluor 647, DyLight 649, Atto 647

49913 Spectrum



49914– ET – 640-647nm Laser Bandpass for Set AlexaFluor 647, DyLight647, Atto 647N

49914 Spectrum