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Original Chroma Filter 


latest coating technologies, best color separation and signal purity all with competitive pricing and on-time deliveries.
[ Information ]


Features of filter Chroma / JNOPTIC offers
  • 50% greater signal intensity than similar soft coated filters
  • Sputtered coatings : more durable, harder and longer lasting than soft coatings
  • Less costly than competitors

Typical transmission spectrum

AT : bold lines / soft coated : thin lines


[ Advantage by JNOPTIC ]


  • Quick responses to your request
  • Reduce inconvenience of contact to Chroma
  • Import agent service
  • Save shipping charge with Every 5th date
  • Just 7 days to delivery in case of stock


[ Filter Accessories ]


We can also supply filter accessories for any application, filter cube, slide, ring you want.

Especially filter cube, you need to check microscope model No. or glass filter size.


[ Standard for selection of filter ]


If you know below standard for selecting filters, we can recommend proper filters easily you’re looking for.

  • Microscope brand and model
  • Fluorochrome
  • Light source
  • Filter type : Single band, Longpass, Dual band, Triple band, Fish, etc.
  • Wavelength range of EX, EM, BS
  • Filter size, thickness



[Further more ]

If you are looking for individual filters or filter set customized, please contact us.

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